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Welcome to the Scrabble Word Finder website, our small contribution to the Scrabble community. Our main purpose is to give you the means to become a better Scrabble player. In order to do that, we have put together several valuable resources.

Solver and Helper

First, you will find many free online tools that allow you to analyze games (Scrabble Solver), racks (Scrabble Helper) or even words only (Word Analyzer). You will also find a Word Generator that is extremely useful in many situations. Take the time to look at each of these very useful tools. Understand how they work so you could use them efficiently and effectively. Please do not use them in order to cheat while playing.

Second, you will find many word lists that are essential to becoming a serious Scrabble player. We have tried, when possible, to sort them by difficulty and priority order. We will continue to add news ones as they are created.

Tips and Strategies

Many other resources will be added when time allows. We intend to add a section that will talk more about tips and strategies. Very soon, we should be able to add some quizzes so you could test yourself with anagrams, hooks and more, so stay tuned! If this website has pleased you, spread it around, and if you have any remarks, contact us!

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