How To

  • Choose a lexicon and a game design.
  • Fill the board and the rack. Use "space" for a blank tile.
  • Click on "Solve !" to see the results.

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Lexicons available

  • English
    • TWL, TWL98, TWL06
    • CSW, CSW07, CSW12
    • ENABLE
    • WWF
    • YAWL
    • OSPD4
  • French (ODS5, ODS6)
  • Italian (Zinga)
  • Dutch (SWL, SWL11)
  • Swedish (SAOL, SAOL12)
  • Spanish (FISE, FISE2009)

Designs available

  • Standard
  • Words With Friends
  • Lexulous
  • Literati
  • Wordfeud
  • Figthin Words
  • Droidwords
  • Word Wise
  • Wordsmith
  • Words By Post
  • Alpha Jax

Options available

To enjoy the advanced features of the scrabble solver, you must be registered.

  • You can save and load your games, in order to use them later, or simply to keep them for the sake of it.
  • You can customize the board by using the numerical keys. 1 will reset the bonus, 2 will cycle through a 2 bonus letter and 2 bonus word, and so on from 3 to 5.
  • You can modify the value of the letters, the tiles count, the rack length (7 or 8 only), and the bingos in the "Game Stat" panel.
  • Your custom designs can be saved on the "Game Stat" panel as soon as you have made modifications.


This solver can be used as a scrabble word finder for word games such as Lexulous, Words with Friends, Literati and of course Scrabble help too. The idea is that you put the letters from the tiles on your rack into the rack, and fill the board. When you click 'Get Solutions' it will return a list of the 100 best words that can be played with your letters from the official scrabble dictionary (TWL dictionary is used in the US/Canada, the SOWPODS dictionary is used for English everywhere else, ODS is used in french country). 'Space' can be used as a blank tile in both the rack and the board. Blank tiles in the board are essential in order to compute the correct values of the scrabble word, otherwise the it will return incorrect value.

The primary purpose of this scrabble helper is to be used as a training tool and not as a scrabble cheat tool. So use it wisely, you will have even more fun using it. Help us being number one by bookmarking this page and giving this adress to your facebook friends.

We work hard in order to give you the best scrabble helper available. If you notice some bugs, have some requests (new design , new lexicon) or have some feed back about this scrabble word finder, contact us via the forum.